Our company, Amorph, is located in Los Angeles. It was born to make outstanding changes in the furniture design industry.

Our furniture is designed with love to create a unique aesthetic for contemporary style lovers. Our philosophy is that a useful piece of furniture can also be beautiful and chic! Our exclusive pieces bring luxury and functionality to your home design.

Our designs are made with passion. We combine art and technology to create Furniture. Our goal is to change the way of manufacturing architecture; to modernize the techniques and bring parametric designs to life.

Amir Habibabadi is nothing short of a visionary. He developed his perspective and unique expertise as an architect and learned how to connect it with technology to create cutting edge pieces of furniture. He has always focused on breaking the style rules and challenging the boundaries between architecture, digital design and manufacturing methods.

Amir’s main focus is in creating futuristic architectural components based on amorphous designs by bringing an extensive mastery of complex and unique geometry.

contemporary custom table furniture

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